“Album Review”

Album Review: Queen of Soul is back! Gabrielle Releases ‘Under My Skin’ After 11 Year Wait

Hackney-born Gabrielle’s brand new album ‘Under My Skin’ will be released through BMG on 17th August 2018.  2018 also marks

Album Review: Coming in Hot – Album by Diamante

Coming in Hot – Album by Diamante Born and raised in Boston, a Sapphire haired 21 year old brings rock

Album Review: ‘Revelation ‘ – REEF

Revelation – Album Review 2018 Reef a British “Alternative Rock” band from Glastonbury, do you remember them?   Well they

Wind Rose – Stonehymn Album Review

Wind Rose are a symphonic/folk metal band from Pisa (Italy), composed of Francesco Cavalieri (vocals), Claudio Falconcini (guitars), Federico Meranda

Album Review: Lil Kelso – “Suicide Note”

Detroit has been home to some of the most prolific voices in the hip hop world. Detroit natives like Eminem,

Album Review: Exploring Allie X Universe

Life is full of guilty pleasures. I for one love exploring new sounds. Touching a new vinyl release, opening a

Album Reivew: The Rising Few’s Adult Entertainment

Montreal based group, The Rising Few, has just self released their new EP titled Adult Entertainment. This surprising collection of

Tigress “Like It Is” EP Review

The Essex quintet is back with powerful second EP ‘Like It Is’

Woodhawk to Lease New Album ‘Beyond the Sun’ on April 7,2017

Following their 2014 self titled EP “Woodhawk”, the band Woodhawk will be releasing their first Album on April 7, 2017.

The Belief Experiment released their debut album, “YVR”

Preceding the debut, the band released a music video for the track ‘The Walls Inside My Head’.  Directed by Dave Benedict,